ES008-M / ES008-MXS Micromanometer

Fast and Sensitive Differential Pressure Sensor

The ES008-M/ES008-MXS is intended for pressure measurement with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids, such as air or dry gas. It features fast and sensitive measurement readings and easy operation. The manometer performs an average of 8 readings measurement every 250 milliseconds. Every second it updates OLED display with the average of one second cycle in the “LIVE” screen. At the “AVG” screen, it averages readings for 10 seconds period by default. The manometer has only one button control interface to toggle screens, to zero initial readings and to turn on or off device.

ES008-MXS and ES008-M are both very sensitive to pressure change with a resolution of 0.1 Pa (0.0001 inH2O). ES008-MXS stands for extra stable in terms of higher stability than ES008-M in the change of certain conditions, for example, gravity, orientation and temperature.

Rich and sophisticate user interface and setting can be performed by connecting to “GammaGuard Beta” app. The manometer can be wirelessly linked to your smartphone with the readings displayed on the phone’s screen. This allows you to take readings in locations that are not in line of sight. The Smartphone provides a large display with access to a feature-rich menu. Live graphing can be enabled on the app.



$295 USD / $395 CAD


$395 USD / $520 CAD



Specifications ES008-M/ES008-MXS

Indicated Use

Differential Pressure Measurement

Measurement Unit

Pascal or InchH2O

Operating Range

- 2500 to 2500 Pascal (or -10 to 10 inH2O)


0.1 Pascal or 0.0001 inH2O

Temperature Range

0 to 70 degree Celsius

Measurement Cycle

Average of 8 readings per 250ms

Display Reading

"Live" screen - average of 1 second; "AVG" screen - average of 10 seconds


2.2 x 1.2 cm OLED

Local Controls

Single push button. See user's manual for detail.

Wireless Communication

Bluetooth Low Energy connecting to GammaGuard (Beta)

Wireless Operation Distance

Around 100 meter in open space

Operation Voltage

0.7 to 5.5V


2 standard AA batteries

Operation Current

7 to 15 mA with OLED; 0.03mA in Sleep Mode

Operation Time

200 hours with OLED screen on


10.5 × 5 × 2.5 cm (4 × 2 × 1 inch)


120g (including batteries)


Mobile App to Connect to Manometers