Radon Sniffer Videos

Using the CT007-R Radon Sniffer for Radon Mitigation in a Home

Scott Zito from Zito Radon Removal demonstrates how he uses the CT007-R Radon Sniffer to find radon entry points and plan the mitigation. In this video, he first eliminates the crawl space as a possible source of radon and then determines that the sub slab is the likely source. 

CT007-R Radon Sniffer Companion App

This video demonstrates how the Radon Sniffer companion app can be used to detect and document even small changes in low levels of radon. First, readings in the upstairs part of a house are taken. Then we move into the basement and observe an increase in radon levels. Then, we change the ventilation, which affects the radon levels.

We also show how the audio tones can be used to help find radon sources.

Also demonstrated is the difference between the ‘smart’ and ‘standard’ modes of the Radon Sniffer app, under controlled conditions, in a radon chamber.

The updated app is compatible with previous versions of CT007-R and available in both iOS and Android systems.