The Fastest Way To Locate Radon
Through The CT007-R Radon Sniffer

Fast Detection

The CT007-R can indicate the presence of a radon source in only 15 seconds. 

Light-Weight and Compact

Light-weight and compact solution for radon detection. With one button control, OLED display, and battery rechargeable over micro USB. 

Accurate Response

It can accurately quantify radon concentrations in 5 minutes. The algorithm accounts for radon progeny generated from detected radon gas to make detection more accurate.


It can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to remotely monitor. 

Fast Measurement

Our manometer is a digital differential pressure sensor. It performs an average of 8 readings every 1/4 second and displays the average of 1 or 10 seconds. 

Wireless Solution

It can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to remotely monitor. 

Sensitive and Accurate Response

It has 0.1 Pascal resolution in a range of +/- 2500 Pascal. 

Light-Weight and Compact

Light-weight and compact solution. With one button control and OLED local display. Uses standard AA batteries. 

"We are very impressed with the CT007. The data logging and reproducibility of testing makes it a great tool for finding hot spots. It is far more reliable than other units we have used in the past."

Kevin Simmons
REA Remedial Solutions

"Usually in business when you don't hear from the customer, it means they might not be too happy. Good news. We are REALLY happy with our purchase of the sniffer! I am still getting used to using it and thinking about how we want to build it into our process so I am not sure how many more I will be purchasing, but we are liking it so far."

Bruno Vassel
Utah Radon Services

"I have already used the sniffer on several installs. It has helped me in planning my penetration point and solved some difficult mitigations. Homeowners have also responded well to being given measurable data points to make more informed decisions."

Tyler Duckworth
Radon Safe

"I can definitely say the sniffer has already saved me time and money. I should have gone for this years ago... 

I have been using the CT007-R Radon Sniffer for three years now and I can’t imagine not having it almost every day. It has gotten me out of some tough spots and can avoid snags on the front end, rather than multiple visits to the same property after the job is complete. This unit saves me time and money regularly. My install crew loves it, too."

John Ottwein
The Radon Guy

"I'm really satisfied with the product, it's working just like expected and it helped me a lot already to troubleshoot some problems."

David Basque
Radon Solution Basque