Extremely Fast Radon Detection

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There are 2 options for purchasing the CT007-R:

  1. The first option features a rugged Pelican™ case with professionally routered foam insert. This option should be used if the unit will see frequent uses or will be used in difficult environments.
  2. The second option features a lighter duty protective case with pluck foam. This option should be used if the CT007-R will see occasional uses or will be used in residential settings and if price is a decisive factor.

The images below show all the accessories included in both options.


Filter/Desiccant Air Hoses Charger Filter/Desiccant Air Hoses Charger

CT007-R in Professionally Routered Foam

CT007-R in Pluck Foam

Click on an accessory in the images for more information.


  • The prices for the 2 options of purchasing the CT007-R:
  • Professionally routered foam insert

    $1950 USD / $2450 CAD

    Pluck foam insert

    $1750 USD / $2200 CAD


  • CT007-R Radon Sniffer Kit

  • Including:
    • One CT007-R Unit
    • One Inlet Filter Tube
    • One CT007-R Charger including Wall Adapter and USB Cable
    • One Air Hose


    The CT007-R radon sniffer is guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Warranty covers labour and part replacement costs but does not include the cost of shipment to EIC. Return shipments for repair are to be made only after having received approval by EIC. No warranty is made beyond repair, replacement, or refund of the purchase price. In no way shall EIC's liability be in excess of the purchase price of the product.

    EIC assumes no liability for loss, damage, or delay during delivery. Additional insurance on shipments is the responsibility of the purchaser. EIC will conduct repairs as quickly as possible according to the purchaser's needs, but is not responsible for delays or any losses incurred by the purchaser as a result of delays.

    How to Order:

    The CT007-R radon sniffer is developed and manufactured at Environmental Instruments Canada Inc. (www.eic.nu).
    Please contact us at admin@eic.nu for ordering information regarding the CT007-R.