Extremely Fast Radon Detection

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Video Demonstrations:

The VS472 Radon Sniffer in this video is placed beside a radon source to demonstrate its fast response time and ability to locate points where radon is entering a building.

The VS472's fast recovery time is also demonstrated by showing the device recover from 194.8 pCi/L to 0 pCi/L in only 30 seconds.

Please Note: The updated radon sniffers display new measurements every 3 seconds!

After using the Radon Sniffer to locate where radon is entering a home, repairs can be made to that specific location. Once repairs are complete, the Radon Sniffer can once again be used to check if there is any radon still entering through this point.

If the radon activity concentration in that location is now low, the remediation must have been successful. To confirm that there is now less radon activity present in the air, we place the Radon Sniffer in the center of the room to obtain a 30 minute background reading.

If the results of this 30 minute reading are low, we are confident that the results of a long term test will also be low.